What A Mess

by The Murderburgers

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I’m back to writing lists again Trying not to think about my neck or wrists again Trying not to think of anything Trying not to think of you Believe me, I wish that I could I wish you would talk I wish I could shut up Wish that we could find a way to go back to a time way before Every bite tasted this bitter Before I got tired of wishing, before you got bored And before I started writing Another few thousand words to let you know that I’m not doing fine And I somehow still don’t think I’ll be a couple more teeth down the line Because most of one half of my family is dead Now I’m dead to most of the other half And you keep shining hope through the crack in the door Then whenever I get close you slam it shut And turning 30 really opened my eyes to the fact That I’m firmly stuck in a brand new rut And I know it’d be easier to give in to hate Just like it’d be easier to give up and die Recently it’s become a choice between the two and I can’t figure out why So now it’s caffeine to get through the day Sleeping pills to shut down Then painkillers for the migraine Day in, day out, week after week Repeat.
I’m too depressed and too in love to go outside today But I’ve got a windpipe to shut off And apart from that I can’t see anything ahead I’m having trouble tracing this all back to when Waking up meant something more than going back to sleep Before being alive became exhausting And ended up being worth less than it’s costing But I don’t want to stumble through life shitfaced anymore The only times I was thankful for double vision Was when it meant that I saw more of you That reoccurring dream is back This time she’s dressed head to toe in black She says she’s genuinely happy, and I’m too ashamed to tell her that I’m struggling The horrible things found their way back They highlight all the strength that I lack Another week lost to being in bed There’s only dead ends up ahead I’m so scared of all these dead ends up ahead Please help me turn this thing around… I hear your voice but I can’t seem to turn around But I’ve been getting by by replaying the sound I don’t want to be back at that tree ever again Don’t want to go swinging by or swinging from I don’t want to end up in that state again And so I won’t.
If it’s actually all fucked now and at an end Then I guess I’ll never walk home this way again But I just wanted to see you I meant it when I said I always do but I know that counts for nothing at all There’s more cracked concrete round our necks Since the last time that we checked I know that one day all there will be to stand on is solid ground I was just hoping I’d still be around Another 5am struggle with the urge to shut off the oxygen supply to my brain Take a handful of pills and lie down again Just enough to knock me out and dream of never waking up Curse myself each time I do Because I’m getting so tired of thinking about How I was always thought distance would be the dickhead But it turns out the dickhead was me Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself To make sure I shut down easily Now all that skin is growing over my teeth And making its way to the back of my throat But I’m too afraid to apply pressure So I’ll just sit here and wait till I choke I know I’ll probably not get an explanation For you wanting me to leave this place But If you’d been awake you would have noticed There was a genuine smile on my face When I was tracing the lines on your shoulder Now I’m counting the cracks in my skull That indicate I’m another year older And the sensation’s never been so dull.
All that lightning in my head last night hit all the parts I prayed it wouldn’t But I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried So now I’m wandering around that building site even though I know I shouldn’t But I just need to find anything that will make me feel alive And the wind, it was bricks And the rain, it was knives If it could knock me out and cut me down to size Then I might be alright I’m trying not to think too hard about another potential year Of counting miles of sadness while hopes of happiness disappear I can’t fall asleep in the back seat but there’s always just enough room in here To make sure that my crooked spine’s not the only thing that feels out of place as I desperately try not to forget your face How many more years can I keep on chewing with one side of my mouth, and telling myself that the sky’s the limit when it’s all plummeting south? Well, there’s always hope Be it false or not There’s always hope… I hope all those shots fired in my skull tonight hit all the parts I fucking aim for Because I’m getting so tired of being awake And with each and every day that your beauty fades, my ugliness is amplified Then it’s back to square one, struggling through the day.
I got your message when I woke up last night Scanned it for question marks, then decided it was all too much when I saw the part that said this all meant nothing Desperately tried to sift through it all What was left didn’t add up Now every few nights the dream bursts into flames Then I wake up coughing up blood, choking on smoke Time to accept that this is not a hoax And time to spend another Saturday night at the emergency center My stomach and my mouth are both on fire Codeine doesn’t make me half as happy as you did, but it’ll have to do for now The demons came back to bite and scratch in ways that are dissipated But instead they all just laughed At all the disconnect we’ve created So numb yourself, and I’ll do the exact opposite tonight If you broke in with a knife tonight You know, I really wouldn’t mind If you caved in my fucking skull tonight You know, I really wouldn’t mind Because it would hurt less than the way that you’re killing me right now It would be quicker than the way that you’re killing me right now.
I tried to write a verse about not giving up But only got halfway through Then went back into that daydream where I meet up with you So what do you want to talk about? I haven’t been up to much Except for showering four times a day for pretty much no reason And listening to record after record of friends’ bands that have broken up and moved on And wondering why I can’t seem to do the same And yes, I still think about you Just to make sure I feel sick Just to make sure I can’t sleep at night From the fires being set inside my head And you can bet now that I’ve stopped hanging around That I’m still stuck here broke and alone and trying to think of words that rhyme Trying to make up for lost time I’m sorry that before I tried to make my exit I thanked you I didn’t want you to think you were to blame For a while I was trying to do what I could to make the best of the situation But it’s hard to take anything when there’s nothing left So at first it seemed best drugging myself to death rather than risk the chance of making things any worse What a fucking genius What a fucking martyr What a fucking hopeless case What a shame this whole thing turned out to be I took a walk around Stretford Meadows today And thought about how much I miss the old one Got back home and got inside in time for the worlds to collide Shut my eyes, lay on my side Focussed on my breath And then suddenly everything went quiet I drifted off and had a dream you put your hand in mine And we walked around Bruntsfield Links Then suddenly everything was terrible You told me to go fuck myself Then I woke up feeling miserable And now every time that I close my eyes That sky looks nothing like the one I saw It looks like something Beksiński forgot to draw.
Sometimes the summer sun can be so unforgiving And the shorter autumn days make it easy to confuse existing and living And winter’s a far cry from that time when not waking up anxious and alone Was all I needed to be inspired That was a beautiful day to be tired I haven’t smiled since you hit reset and erased last year Now my mind is always racing at top speed towards brick walls I’m trying so hard to slow it down by counting my breath for 30 minutes every day And doing my very best to sit still Now it’s a terrible life to feel ill Yeah, it’s a terrible life to feel ill I keep waking up halfway through that skin graft And reading that same list of missing aircraft Can’t seem to pick which one I wish I’d been on Can’t seem to turn the voice in my head down The one that’s saying that it wishes you were still around Now my stomach’s always empty, and my days are always full Of wondering if a ceiling light would be strong enough And hoping that I can’t hold my breath long enough Whether I’m swinging or submerged Whether you have to cut me down, or drag me out after I drown Maybe I’m best just skipping town Instead of holding on to something that I never had And praying things would go from worse to bad Now that every night’s a night to be sad.
October lied to me just like I think it lied to you And now none of the other months ring true Must have made a deal with summer Now another year’s almost over And all those colours have faded to black and blue Well I guess I was far too lost in those eyes But now that I’ve found my way out: Where did all those dead leaves come from? I can’t see any fucking trees Traded the perfect skyline For a fresh dose of anxiety Now every time I think of your voice, I feel my sternum shatter And all I can do is focus on the things that I wish didn’t matter Like letting go.
A half empty Atlanta airport bar Isn’t a place that I expected to be reminded that life just isn’t fair and that my problems don’t matter nearly as much as I always think they do And that there’s always something to look forward to Even if it’s buried under all this broken glass Oh God, I feel so selfish Everything makes me feel selfish I keep shutting off my brain and keep shutting out my heart I keep spending every summer praying for it to end when you’re still waiting for yours to start Without knowing you made me realise that I’ve wasted so much of my time On things that I can’t control and on things that will never be mine Now I’m trying to learn how to let go But now I keep waking up from those God-awful dreams Where everything’s coming apart at the seams And I’m trying to scream but I can’t pull the stitches out It’s serving as a reminder that I just can’t do without I’d learn to count again, so you don’t have to I’ll try to start again, try to find my heart and dig it out of the ground I’ll try to start again I swear I’ll try to start again I’ll learn how to live again with you in mind.
Death to the celebrity, I just want friends again Whenever my phone rings I know that 9 times out of 10 It’s going to be a debt collector, otherwise someone’s got the wrong number I don’t even panic anymore And all those nights that I was praying you would call I knew that you would never call at all When was the last time anybody called? We both know what we’ve been up to No need for small talk Just hit me up when you feel it’s time For me to be crucified So you can pat yourself on the back And give the right person a high five I wish there was another way to find out that he’d died.
Where do you suggest we go from here? I hear it’s beautiful in Hell this time of year Keep focussing on my neck When I can’t get these dots to connect Just do your best to write me out Ignore every word that I say I’ll reluctantly write this year off and keep ignoring this headache and this cough Then walk away from town following the dark clouds Stare through a stranger in front of me Zone right out, thought of checking myself into the Royal Infirmary I used to pass by this guy trying to figure out the best way to slit his wrists Some nights I thought of slowing down to see about trading tips But instead I kept thinking of lines that help me through the night Jon says it always rains in Scotland and he’s right I miss that rain so fucking much right now We spent this whole time hoping for something better We spent this whole time praying for something better We spent this whole time begging for something more than just a punch right to the gut A razor blade right to the wrist A kick right to the face For each of the warning signs we missed But even on the worst of days it made sense to me Now I can’t see the sense in doing anything And I used to see that sad, sad man with a broken guitar on every corner that I turned Now I barely see anyone, and I can’t help but miss everyone.
It’s been 6 months since everything came together, ganged up and wanted me dead Thoughts of making amends and starting over have fragmented in my head I thought that we’d agreed to disagree It turns out you’d agreed with yourself not to talk to me Maybe we’re just growing up and growing apart December did its best to ruin everything again Tightened its grip around my throat and told me that I’m still a joke I didn’t think you’d back it up Nor did I think you’d shut me out I’m doing my best not to be bitter I know that sometimes it’s a total fucker getting out of Hell But you don’t have to drag others down as well Now we’re screaming over silence again I don’t really know what you have in mind But I’d rather die with no axes to grind.
When I die, it will suffice if I’m surrounded by cardboard cutouts That look vaguely like the people that I love You don’t have to drop by to drop yours off if it’s too much hassle Just throw it on the fire and let it burn Do the same with mine when it’s your turn Because all the things that help you sleep at night Are all the things that are keeping me awake And keeping me wondering What was the point in putting up a fight All those nights that you were keeping me at bay For better or worse I’m always on the other side of town None of my signs seem all that vital anymore Which is a sure-fire sign that I need to find a pulse again somehow At least now I remember Christmas Eve to keep me sober and I’ll try to remember you when I rewire my mind in an attempt to find new ways to be alone I’ll try to use these new ways to be alone to understand That all the things that help you sleep at night Are valid reasons why I should stay away And although the thought of checking out slows the world down right now It won’t all be skin grafts and plane crashes someday.
You need to let some things die So that you can stay alive (I want to stay alive)


Our brand new album 'What A Mess', released in Japan on February 27th 2019 via Waterslide Records, then released everywhere else on March 15th 2019 via Asian Man Records, Brassneck Records & Umlaut Records.

US digipack CD & random split half/half colour vinyl available from Asian Man Records.

UK/Euro splatter vinyl available from Brassneck Records.

UK/Euro CD available from Umlaut Records.

Japanese CD with bonus tracks available from Waterslide Records.


released March 15, 2019

Fraser - vocals & guitar
Alex 1 aka Tall Goat - bass
Alex 2 aka Dipboy - drums
Backing vocals by Jon and Kev from Paper Rifles

Recorded by James Johnson at his flat and at Music Base in Edinburgh.
Mixed by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios.
Mastered by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers.


all rights reserved



The Murderburgers UK

Pop punk from Scotland on Asian Man Records/Brassneck Records/Umlaut Records/Waterslide Records. Also on indefinite hiatus since Dec 1st 2019.

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