Shitty People & Toothache EP

by The Murderburgers



“At the start of 2016 after a particularly terrible few months, I moved into hands down the most awful flat I’ve ever lived in due to having nowhere else to go. To cut a long story short, a month before I was set to move out the maniacs I lived with ripped me off for rent money then waited until I was asleep that night and called the police saying I’d trashed the place, so I was dragged out of bed, arrested and thrown in a cell, then got out of there officially homeless and jobless. After that the police decided they wanted to take me to court, too. It was a right laugh. Thankfully it all worked out in the end though. The maniacs and the police ate shit on the day when the case was thrown out, and I got a new EP out of it.” - Fraser Murderburger

Released on July 27th 2018 via Asian Man Records/Brassneck Records. Both versions of the vinyl are available for from both labels which you can find on the internet which is what you’re on right now. Not many copies left though so best be quick if you want one!


released July 27, 2018

Fraser - vocals & guitar
Alex 1 - bass
Alex 2 - drums

Backing vocals by Jon Paper Rifles & Kev Elk Gang.
Mixed & mastered by Luke McNeill.
Artwork by Danny Crombie/Wolf Mask.


all rights reserved



The Murderburgers UK

Pop punk from Scotland. New album 'What A Mess' out now on Asian Man Records/Brassneck Records/Umlaut Records/Waterslide Records.

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Track Name: Turning 29 Was A Mistake
Take me back to the good old days where my face would bleed for no reason
And the doctor called me a “medical puzzle”, as if that’s something anyone wants to hear
Or let me relive my glory years where I used to live in Charlie’s kitchen
Through in Glasgow and those rich crusties shaved off my eyebrows for being poor
Because I’d prefer that to this place thats foundation is made of cat shit and piss
The severe lack of sleep is making it hard for me not to notice
That I’m essentially rotting out
Maybe right enough I just deserve to die here
Even though the front door is right there the way out is unclear
What the fuck happened to this year?

Now shitty people and toothache are the only things keeping me awake
The former is the only thing that’s making me think that turning 29 was a mistake
And that graffiti on New Street is my only saving grace
When I walk past it drunk some nights I swear it seems to come alive
And makes me forget about all the times I’ve died

I guess this is what happens when you say yes when you’re desperate
To lay your head down anywhere else
But I’m so fucking tired of feeling upset, and so tired of making notes to self
I miss passing notes with Brandon and drinking flavoured vodka with Kyle
And everyone and everything that makes this all worthwhile
But I’ll just keep on sonically moaning for now
And keep hoping this will fix itself somehow

So many warning signs when I look back
But I guess it doesn’t matter now that these shitty people have robbed me
Of every penny to my name
With no regrets or empathy, when it’s clear there’s nowhere else to point the blame
I swear I’ll be gone in the morning
I want to be anywhere else but here
But I’m going to bed now, let me rot.
Track Name: Feeling Strangely Fucked
It’s 3am now, time to wake up and be dragged into the streets
Not really too sure about what I’ve done, and you don’t seem to be sure either
But regardless just carry on and keep on telling me that it’s all my fault
That I’m in this mess, in the back of your van and that I’m so full of shit
Just take me to St Leonard’s Place, I’ll explain in my cell
That I’m still looking for a way out and that things aren’t going well
And now I’ve hit rock bottom, I’m completely lost and don’t know what to do
And I just want to sleep right now, but I won’t thanks to you
Because your blue mattress screams discomfort, and that green rag won’t keep me warm
And I know that red light doesn’t mean shit, you’ve been ignoring me and you will consistently

Until 10am
When you let me out again
Guess it’s time to burden friends
Now that I’m fucked again with nowhere to go.
Track Name: 7 Months
Here’s to 7 months of sober thoughts and no rest
Fingers down my throat boaking for the best
Or just for anything to come up
But I don’t seem to be having much luck
Another letter from COPFS
Just to remind me that I’m stuck in this mess
But instead of sulking here on my own
I guess I could probably answer the phone
You said “Man, it’s like bad sex. Thoughts of this will soon fade away.”
But until I’ve stop cursing at blue skies I’ll find it hard to see things that way

That red door of hope doesn’t really fill me with much
It just leads me to stacks of cardboard boxes and thoughts of giving up
whilst ignoring friends who just don’t want to see me lose touch
But I can’t think of how to thank them enough

Most days if you don’t find me at that laundrette in Leith
Counting the holes in my clothes while counting the holes in my teeth
Then I’ll be up here praying for a severe lack of oxygen so I can crack a smile,
then shut my eyes and let go

I keep drifting off and dreaming about
4 years ago when I had this sussed or at least thought I did
Now I can’t help but feel like I’ve let everyone down
through a series of poor choices
In an attempt to do the opposite
And now it looks like it all might have been in vain
I guess in a few weeks I’ll know for sure.
Track Name: There's A Special Place In Hell For Both Of You
I’d spend more days off on tour driving back up the road
To go to court if the same weight was always lifted off my shoulders
Thanks for showing up
I know you wanted to leave this place with a shit eating grin
sorry it didn’t work out

A victory lap round The Meadows seems apt
now it’s over, while you both and the police
are more than welcome to go fuck yourselves

Maybe you wouldn’t be such a struggling artist
If for once you produced a piece of art
And maybe you wouldn’t find that all your friends keep disappearing
If you tried treating them like human beings for a start
And you never seem to speak words of importance
For someone who has so much to say
And you can act like doing all the drugs you want is some sort of case study
And not just another thing that will catch up with you one day

If you keep lying and keep deceiving
Then I wish nothing but the worst for you
But why change the habit of a lifetime?
At least I find comfort in knowing
That the biggest pieces of shit always get stepped on.

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